Friday, December 18, 2009

Popular Niches

A strategy which is often used on Keywords searches is to look back and see what people have been searching for the most over a selected period of time. This is a good gauge of what the markets specifically seek. What you can find is some popular niches. I went to Mike's Marketing Tools to see this list over the last 90 days at it is just astounding!

As expected all the search engines were at the top with a combined figure of searches around 2 million. Then you get down into the middle of the list only to discover these little niches and micro niche searches. This is exactly the point of looking at a list like this.

Right off the bat you can find a micro-niche bananza! For instance - BIKINI @ #96 had 32,683 and then further on down the list you have BIKIN WALLPAPERS @ #205 had 17,541 and then a little more down the line - MICRO BIKINI @ #286 13,660. Can you see the possiblities of what a list like this can offer?

Now this is not all you would do to find a popular niche, but it can definitely start you off in the right direction. Keyword research is such a vital part of an overall SEO strategy it could never be emphasized enough.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

SEO - Are You Doing It Right?

SEO 4x

In the quest for top search engine rankings there is nothing better than properly preparing your blogs, webpages, and most importantly articles with correct SEO techniques. Of course Keywords are the key for the most popular searches, but implemating effective SEO methods will drive heavier traffic to your sites and blogs more than anything else you can do.

Steve Weber is a great teacher in search optimization techniques and has a very effective and accomplished product he's relaunched called, SEO 4x for your benefit! I bough Steve adsense product and believe me it's more indepth than I could ever imagine and taught me more about online marketing than anything Ive ever seen.

If you want to drive as much traffic as possible to you websites and blogs consider taking a look at Steve Weber's SEO 4x instructional course. Correct SEO techniques are what internet marketing is all about!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yahoo Buzz

A little hidden gem out there to discover what people are searching for most is Yahoo Buzz. Ranking 20 sites with statistics on their movements every day is a fabulous way to track what people are searching for and want to read about!

Yahoo Buzz tells you the top movers. Who's climbing the ladder is a good indicator to watch because it really shows who is getting the most hits consistantly. Another side avenue of Yahoo Buzz is The Buzz Log. The Buzz Log gives you little snipet articles on who could be creating a little buzz out there and this indicates the possibility people might go searching for these topics and subjects.

Another excellent feature Yahoo Buzz offers is a break down of top searches between Actors, movies, music, sports, tv, video games, and decliners. Decliners show the twenty largest drop offs in search.

Thinking outside the box, these decliners may be even more valid for searches. Just because they're declining does not mean people still are not searching for them regularily. Going a niche decline may be a good thing!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Popular Keyword Searches


A free tool which is available to all is Wordtracker's Free keyword Tool. The most popular searches for keywords are all the rage in today's cyber battle for making it in the top spots of the Google search engine. Just type in your word or phrase and wordtracker gives you how many a searches have been preformed on the particular phrase. I suggest signing up for the fee newsletter as you can receive news not only on the lastest most popular searches, but also keyword reports and how things are changing.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Susan Boyle - Never Been Kissed!

Susan Boyle's Depression Stuggle

Ok, the girl can sing, but I heard her say she had never been even kissed before. This was back when she first went on Britian's Got Talent. Susan Boyle has astounded audiences with her voice and singing ability. Maybe she's depressed because she's longing to be "kissed?"

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Write Your Article

Article Writing Outline

Writing an article consist mainly of a 3 point process listed below.

  • RESEARCH - Google. Yahoo. Wikipedia.

  • WRITING- 3 components

    Introduction - What The Article Is About.

    Main Points:

    Conclusion - Restate and Summerize.

  • EDITING - Proofread. Use Spell Check. Short Clear Sentences.

    Follow this outline to easily write your article.

    7 Minute Article

  • Sunday, January 06, 2008

    Main Street,Brattleboro, VT........

    Only in Brattlboro, VT where they allowed people to walk around naked, and gave an activist on the town board the power to fire the police cheif, would come up with such a cacamamie idea to have Bush or Cheney arrested if they come to town. Why would they want to visit such a backwater, looney toon place anyway? Vermont is a beautiful place, and use to be quite conservative minded with common sense to back it up, but now has fallen into the abyss of "progressive" thought and electing the only admitted socialist to the senate. My has this state lost it's way.

    Naked People, Brattlbeoro, VT